I’ve Moved!

My domain is up in August and I’ve thought long and hard about where I want to go with my blog. Chatter has been with me for nearly 5 years now, starting off on Blogger then moving to where it is now on WordPress. I went with the name to reflect the column I wrote for the little newspaper I worked at, but  I’m (obviously) not there anymore and I’m not sure if the name and tagline really reflects who I am as a writer anymore.

So, after a lot of thought and looking to see what domains were available, I’m happy to announce that I’ll now be posting at my new domain:


I chose this domain because I thought it really reflects who I am as a blogger – I just write whatever’s on my mind, whether it be thought-provoking or just a random, bulleted brain-dump. I’m really excited for my new domain and cannot wait to post there full time!

Feel free to update your readers!


Project 365: June 22-28

June 22: Ball time. ♦ June 23: Just because flowers from friends are the best kind. ♦ June 24: New internet favourite: Orange is the New Black. ♦ June 25: Homemade popsicles! ♦ June 26: Isla approves of the popsicles. ♦ June 27: New bedding from Target for Isla’s room. ♦ June 28: Car polish. Because some asshole keyed “FAG” into the hood of my car. Ugh.

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Isla turns 2

To my sweet little girl, Isla:

DSC06079You’re 2-years-old today! How fast does time fly, as it seems like just yesterday Daddy and I were carefully (and nervously) bundling you up into your carseat for the first time every to take you home from the hospital. I remember the day clearly – it was wet and raining, but you didn’t make a single peep on the way home. You loved your first car ride and still love them to this day. 

Of course, you’re a lot more vocal now – pointing out all the things you see out the window (“COW! CAR! BIRD!”), and singing, how you love to sing! You’re a little camera shy, so it’s hard to get it on video, but you love singing along to your favourite songs on the radio. You seem to know most of the words to a few songs right now, so I thought I’d make note of them here so you can look them up when you’re old enough to read this:

1) American Authors: Best Day of My Life
2) Pharrell Williams: Happy
3) Avicii: Hey Brother
4) Lorde: Royals
5) Ed Sheeran: Sing

Those are all pretty popular songs right now, and I’m sure you’ll groan and think those songs are SOOO 2014, but you really do like singing to them!

You’re getting smarter and braver every day too. You refuse help more and more often and Daddy and I just have to let you do things your way. Your newest accomplishment is walking down the stairs by yourself; you go a little slow and Daddy or I have to watch and make sure you don’t take a stumble, but you’re getting better every day. You’ve learned to count to 10, although sometimes you leave the number 6 out, but every now and then you even count to 14! By the way things are going, you’re going to be better at math than me. 


You have mastered feeding yourself and your favourite foods would definitely be pasta and rice. You love all kinds of fruit too and even eat your vegetables. Your favourite TV show is Sesame Street and when it’s on, the world stands still. Your favourite characters are Elmo and Cookie Monster – you love to pretend to eat cookies like Cookie Monster and sing along to “Elmo’s World.” 

Of course, nothing makes me happier than seeing you hang out and spend time with Daddy. You have an amazing little bond together – watching baseball together and playing “Scare Me” – where Daddy pretends to sleep and you “scare” him awake. You give him the best bedtime hugs and kisses and I just know you’re the #1 gal in his life.

You’re the best kid ever, Missy Love, and I wouldn’t change anything about you. We’re so lucky to have you in our lives and you bring so much happiness everywhere you go. 

Happy Birthday, Isla! Mommy loves you!


Life lately

I feel like life has been going by at 150 kms/hr lately and I haven’t really have a time to stop and blog much. So allow me to rewind a little bit and play catch up.

Just over a week ago I headed to my hometown with Isla and my mom for the annual rodeo parade and to visit family. The trip also coincided with my 10-year high school reunion, which turned out to be slightly uneventful but still enjoyable! You see – we had a very small grad class (evident by the photos in the link), and while you’d think it would be easy to organize something for that small amount of people, it wasn’t. Out of the eight people (yes, eight), who said they were coming, only three of us confirmed we were still coming, one of those three being the hostess (my old friend) and one being myself. We ended up cancelling the “official” event but I did go visit my friend and our kids played together.

As for the rodeo part of that trip – it was fun! I always enjoy going back to watch the parade, even if it’s the same thing year after year. I think being able to take Isla to watch it and see what I grew up with means the most to me. She loved watching all the parade entries go by, from the horses to the music, she was having a blast! I also learned that I can dress her up but I can’t take her out; I had bought her a cute little tennis-type dress and thought I’d put it on her, but she proceeded to lift it up and flash everyone, then she dripped jam from her bannock down the front of it. Oh well – that’s what happens when you’re a toddler!

Kyle and I also planted a tree a couple weeks ago! We’ve been wanting to for a while but have just never got around to picking one out, plus it comes with work – ripping up grass, digging a hole, and laying down mulch. But – we finally went and picked out a pretty red maple tree (so very Canadian) and got it planted. We put in a nice brick border and filled up the space around the tree with mulch. It looks so awesome and I can’t wait for it to grow big and tall! (Photo of it in this post.)

Isla also had a fun time in the yard with us while we were ripping up the grass and digging the hole. There were a TON of earthworms in the soil and she was enjoying picking them up and putting them in a bucket we gave her. Then, when I told her that worms eat dirt, she proceeded to fill the bucket with handfuls of dirt. It was too cute. I will say that she wasn’t so sure about the worms at first – she didn’t want to hold them and freaked out a little bit. She got over it in a hurry though ;)

Her face pretty much says it all.

Her face pretty much says it all.

In slightly more down news, Kyle’s grandma passed about a week ago. We kind of knew that her passing was coming – she had been in and out of the hospital several times over the past two years – but it was still hard to hear. His grandma played a big role in his childhood and Kyle had a lot of respect for her. Her service was this past Friday, so we headed to Ashcroft for the day, and Kyle delivered the eulogy. While it was a somber day, it was a good day. Kyle got to catch up with some of his family and rekindle his relationship with his dad. Isla also got to meet some of her 2nd cousins, and she got to see her cousin Logan. Let me tell you – she has a thing for babies and does SO well with them.

But back to more exciting stuff – I picked up a game of slo-pitch on Sunday which was a lot of fun. I really miss playing and wish I could commit to an actual full season of ball, and picking up games only pains me more sometimes. One day!!

My wonderful yoga instructor also announced that she’s just taking July off of teaching and that she’ll be back in August, which was wonderful to hear. I don’t necessarily have to find a new studio to practice at, but I may just do a couple of drop in classes here and there to keep myself in check. I may even do a hot yoga class just to see what it’s like, even though I hate being hot. (Amber, I give you permission to nag me to get this one done, ha!) In the meantime, her last class is this Thursday and I’m just hoping it’s nice enough for us to be outside.

I’ll also just mention that I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER how my little baby girl is going to be 2 years old on Sunday! How do they grow so quickly?! It makes me sad because she’s becoming less and less like a baby and more and more like an independent little girl. “I DO IT” seems to be her most used phrase these days – don’t even bother asking if she wants help with something. She also likes to tell me to “Go to the kitchen” if she doesn’t want me near her. Ah, from the mouths of babes ….

After Isla’s birthday on Sunday, Kyle is on holidays, so we’re going to have a fun week of adventure! I cannot wait :)

So tell me what you’ve been up to these days?

Project 365: June 15-21

June 15: Happy Father’s Day to the coolest guy in our house. How cool is he? Shhh, it’s a secret! ♦ June 16: Just having a rest from her daily shenanigans. ♦ June 17: Finally finished landscaping around our new tree. His name is Harold. (Fallout nerds may get the reference.)  June 18: Hot ham dog.  June 19: We saved a duck! ♦ June 20: Pickles and poutine and wings, oh my! ♦ June 21: Bridal shower fun for one of my favourite people!

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Project 365: June 8-14

June 8: Puddle inspector. The garden center is full of fun! ♦ June 9: Strategizing the best way to make a block tower. ♦ June 10: Table manners. She’s doing them wrong. ♦ June 11: Just a happy ham, living the dream. ♦ June 12: This little chicken is ready for yoga! ♦ June 13: Planted a tree. ♦ June 14: Cousins.

Are we friends on Facebook? If so, you can view the full photos here.

Class of 2004

Prom night for the ASS Class of 2004

Prom night for the A.S.S. Class of 2004

The end of this month marks 10 years since I graduated from high school. Actually, I believe Isla’s birthdate was the day we had our graduation ceremony, and June 30 was the day we had our prom. This weekend, a few of us from our grad class are getting together to catch up and reminisce about high school. (By a few, I mean about 10 of us, which believe it or not, is about 1/2 of our class. Small towns, FTW!) It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since I stepped off the school grounds for the last time.

Yep, that just about sums it up.

Yep, that just about sums it up.

I thought I’d bust out my yearbooks from their dusty home in a box under my stairs to look back and think about high school. You could say that what you’d find in those books would be typical: hearts drawn around past crushes, notes left by classmates telling you to “have an awesome summer” and that they’ll see ya next year

In one yearbook there were numerous snide and rude remarks left beside the photos of girls I didn’t like – something I’m not particularly proud of. It looks like I had a major hate-on for quite a few girls who were older than me. Justified or not, I probably shouldn’t have tarnished my yearbook that way.

While looking through the pages, I also tried to figure out what kind of person I was in high school. In a nutshell, I was kind of all over the place. I wouldn’t say I was popular, but I wouldn’t say I was a “loser.” I hung out with a variety of different crowds throughout those 5 years – from my “core” group of friends who entered into high school from elementary school with me, to my guy friends, to the various groups of people who I fell in and out of friendship with for one reason or another.

Aww, look at how awkward I was ...

Aww, look at how awkward I was …

There was a stint of rebellion in there somewhere too. In grade 10 I decided that I was a little too cool for school and frequently ditched class to hang out in the smoke pit, leave the school grounds, and get high. I’d also sneak out at night to drink with friends. Ah yes, those weren’t exactly my proudest days, but I certainly learned a lot from them. Like how your parents really do give a shit. At my lowest moment, the receptionist at the school spotted me leaving during mid-morning break so she called my mom. Cue my mom and grandma driving all over town looking for me, eventually finding me, dropping me back off at school and then severely punishing me. That was about the end of that phase, to say the least.

Every spring I played on the soccer team, wearing #6 for a couple seasons and the made #14 my number. I played defence and took the role of sweeper in my last year, as well as one of the co-captains. I never played to try and make a university team, I just played because I loved the game. I also played volleyball one year, which wasn’t so bad but not really my cup of tea.

And one can’t think about high school without remembering the guys you dated. There weren’t a lot, less than a handful, and a couple of them really made me wonder what in the world I was really thinking. There was an on-again, off-again guy who my mom wasn’t so keen on, there was a guy during one of the “off-again” periods, and even a month-long stint with a guy friend, which as it turned out, it was much better to just remain friends. There was shameless flirtation – which resulted in a couple of girls wanting to beat me up. Then of course, I started dating Kyle when I was in grade 11, and the rest is history ;) (He jokes that he lucked out in the dating pool and that I just had a lack of options. Not true, haha!)

Grade 12

A standard in our yearbooks: Grad bios.

Come grade 12, I had a pretty general idea of who I was and was OK with being the somewhat reserved and quiet. I didn’t particularly had and super close friends; just a couple of close guy friends who I hung out with in between class and at lunch if I didn’t wander to Kyle’s to eat. I went to class, did my work, and went home. I struggled with grade 12 math, which nearly cost me graduation, but I managed to pull out a D as a final grade. (WHEW.)

I ended up becoming the valedictorian of my class (chosen by submitting an essay, not by overall grades) and didn’t hang around my hometown for too long, working through the summer and then moving to where I am now for university. I go back once or twice a year, but have never really taken the time to really visit those old friends. I know that friendship is a fickle thing. A lot of people I know have friends from high school who they are still BFFs with. Sad to say, but I don’t talk to anyone from high school on a regular basis. I don’t know if distance is to blame, or if it’s just a difference in lifestyles, or if it’s maybe some underlying factor – maybe we weren’t as close as we thought we were.

Then there’s the question of if you could change something about the past, would you? I like to think that whatever happens, it happens for a reason; that’s what makes you who you are today. Would I change something about how I acted or what I did in high school? Absolutely. Perhaps I wouldn’t have flirted with another girl’s boyfriend, or kept my mouth shut instead of throwing fuel into the rumour mill, or have convinced myself that you’ll get the guy if you’re “that” girl. But would I be the same person I am today had I not? Most likely not. Who knows what kind of path I would have went down if I did said one thing instead of another, or kept dating the same guy who really wasn’t all that good for me.

I’m thankful for everything I learned in high school, and I’m not just talking about proper English skills and how to ask where the washroom is en Français (not that I’ve had to do that, but you never know!) I’m glad that the small size of our grad class has left us all remaining on speaking terms, more or less. (One of the perks of being from a class of 24 students and a school of 160 is that there’s no avoiding one another whatsoever.) And thanks to Facebook, it’s been easy to keep track of everyone. With the exception of a few people, I have a general idea of what everyone has been up to since  graduation, which makes me sound like a complete stalker. But, it has made this reunion easy to organize. How people did it back in the day is beyond me.

In the end, high school is only as miserable or memorable as you want it to be. It will be interesting to see what, if any, memories are brought up at our reunion tomorrow awkward, awesome, or otherwise.

So, here’s to the class of 2004. We may have gone separate ways, but we’ll always be A.S.S. Rams!